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About Rajman

Music is a language of abstraction. One falls short of words in laying down a tangible expression. It is a language of its own. Purely, this is what leads it to complete itself as a fabric woven in the yarn of different threads idolizing different expressions, instruments, styles and cultures. 


A musician’s journey is a ride that traverses many vast regions of such brilliant experiences that come together as a wholesome sensorial experience unbound by culture, state, style or instrument. It is one that is led by the heart. It yearns to wander in the wonder of the possibilities that music tends to seep into the soul. Rajman is one such wondrous journey that has taken him across continents in his thirst for finding his own expression.

Music Journey

Rajman: Composer & Audio Engineer Extraordinaire" 


Step into the captivating world of Rajman, where music composition meets audio engineering mastery. Rajman is an independent Indian pop/rock music composer/audio engineer and an SAE alumni (Australia) in music composition and production, with over 35 lakh listeners and 100K followers of his new-age music on a profound level. 


In his extensive experience, the award-winning composer has performed and worked with famous stalwarts like Oscar-winning composer Mr M.M. Keeravani and Oscar-winning lyricist Mr Chandra Bose, Sri. S P Balasubramanyam, Mr Mani Sharma, Mr R P Patnaik, Mr Bhuvana Chandra, Mr Tanikella Bharani, Mr Parthu Nemani, Mr Mallikarjun, Mr Hymath Mohhamed, and Mr Hack Wanger, enriching his musical tapestry. His music is featured on all streaming media, films, commercials, and video games.


Rajman’s commitment to his craft inspires aspiring musicians/singers and engineers alike, showcasing the powerful synergy between creativity and technical expertise in the world of audio and music production.

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