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About Rajman

Music is a language of abstraction. One falls short of words in laying down a tangible expression. It is a language of its own. Purely, this is what leads it to complete itself as a fabric woven in the yarn of different threads idolizing different expressions, instruments, styles and cultures. 


A musician’s journey is a ride that traverses many vast regions of such brilliant experiences that come together as a wholesome sensorial experience unbound by culture, state, style or instrument. It is one that is led by the heart. It yearns to wander in the wonder of the possibilities that music tends to seep into the soul. Rajman is one such wondrous journey that has taken him across continents in his thirst for finding his own expression.

Music Journey

When it comes to being attracted to music, Rajman has always been a drummer. Having been in love with that instrument for over three decades, starting at the gullible age of 15, he has played in several rock bands, honing his skills as the years added on. Starting with his first rock experimental outfit called “SAMARIA” almost 25 years back in Hyderabad, he has enthralled audiences by exhibiting his limitless passion for performing in various music festivals and competitions across INDIA and AUSTRALIA. As the years rolled by, he established a career as a freelance musician doing his duties on the drums for multiple bands like Rock Radiation, Rattlers, Samaria, Heavens Down, Jet LinkX (Aus) and The Oscillators (Aus).


He graduated from SAE (School Of Audio Engineering & Music) in Melbourne, Australia (keyboards), which inspired him to practice as a full-time Drums, Keyboards and Theory of Music educator. In his expanse of experience, he has performed and worked with top music directors of the likes of MANI SHARMA, PARTHU, JAMES WOODCOCK, RICHARD PIKE, RANJIT NIJER, HACK WANGER, DORIAN CHIIWAHWAH PHALLIC for Tollywood, Rock, EDM projects. In a nutshell, Rajman is a highly gifted musician backed by rich experience and the ability to cast a spell over his audience. My overall experience has enhanced his natural ability to bring together my own style that suits multiple music genres, blending culture, sensibilities and likings that evolve into soothing music to the ears and the heart.


Talent knows no end; talent is unlimited; when backed by hard work, skill, and the passion to contribute, one can achieve wonders. Rajman is similar. His quest and journeys are to instil music appreciation to each in the audience. Indeed, that would surely make a difference in their lives.

Stay tuned with me. Join me. Let’s contribute together to this beautiful world of New Age Telugu Music. I invite you to subscribe, like, comment and share my music. 

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