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Want To Set Up Home Recording Studio!

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With more than 2 million music streams, 15K subscribers & followers to his credit on all platforms.

Rajman! Deeply influenced by the effect of guitars, keys and drums backed by rich experience and casting his spell over his audience by creating "New Age Music".

When it comes to being attracted to music, Rajman has always been a drummer for multiple bands like Rock Radiation, Rattlers, Samaria (IND), Jet LinkX (AUS) and The Oscillators (Aus) and performed in various music festivals across INDIA and AUSTRALIA.

Graduated from SAE (School Of Audio Engineering & Music) Melbourne, Australia which inspired him to practice as a full-time musician, composer and music educator. In his expanse of experience, he performed and worked with top Indian artists like MANI SHARMA, PARTHU NEMANI, R .P. PATNAIK, MANJIT JOSEPH & overseas artists like JAMES. W, HACK WANGER, DORIAN CHIIWAHWAH PHALLIC for Tollywood, Rock & EDM projects.

Visit Rajman's Youtube channel and subscribe:

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