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Mixing & Mastering (5-Songs), Price: Rs/- 49,999

Product Details

This package gives you 5 songs  (Advance Mixing and Mastering).


- 50 stems or less  ($2 per extra stem)

- Advance Hybrid Analog & Digital Mixing

- Advance Analog Mastering

- Track Cleanup

- Manual Vocal Tuning

- Vocal Editing (Crossfades)

- Noise Reduction

- Balancing Each Individual Track’s Volume

- Separation of Each Musical Element

- Spatial Placement of Instruments

- Adding Effects to Enhance the Sound

- Volume, Pan, Effects, and Master Bus Automation

- Radio Ready Stereo Mixed and Mastered WAV file

- Ready for -  Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer

- 3 Free Revisions (Additional Revisions $20)

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