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Mastering Services (Per Song) Price: Rs/- 2499.00

Product Details

Rajman School Of Music  (RSM) is a Certified Digital Masters Mastering House, Approved by Apple Inc, Spotify is also approved by a lot of music distributed.


Our Mastering Service Includes:

-  Advanced EQ

-  Compression

-  Limiting

-  Ambiance & Fatness

-  Stereo Widening

-  Bass Enhancement

-  Loudness Maximization ( Maximizer)

-  Dynamic  Range Expansion

-  Fade/ Crossfades

-  Noise Reduction

- Multi-Band Compression

- CD Mastering & Ready to release on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and all other streaming platforms.


Having your song Mastered with an Apple Digital Masters mastering company gives you a product that has been mastered and quality tested for publication on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and all digital streaming platforms. It lets your listeners hear your music uncompressed and exactly the way it sounds in the professional studio before export, this means your listeners will be able to stream and download your songs with the highest quality possible on all streaming platforms.

Apple Digital Masters (ALAC)

By working with the industry's best masters we are able to offer our Apple Music and iTunes customers the highest possible quality audio. Our latest encoder can take advantage of every bit of the high-resolution masters that our engineers are creating especially for you. The results, both for streaming and download, are virtually indistinguishable from the original 24-bit studio masters. In addition, Apple Music now offers lossless versions of these masters using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC).



Not all songs can be qualified for iTunes Mastering, your recordings must be in at least 24-bit uncompressed audio format, such as 24-bit 96kHz sample rate *.wav format, you can not upscale a lower bit rate and sample rate, if you submit in this way iTunes will automatically dismiss your submission. So if your song is already completed and doesn't meet the requirements go with our Industry-standard Mastering. If you started recording and want to have your song (s) Mastered for iTunes then you will need to use an audio interface and DAW that supports at least a 24-bit 96kHz sample rate.


Note: RSM  does not upload your Apple Digital Masters to iTunes. You will need to use an Approved Encoding House such as Distrokid, Tunecore or any other certified distribution company. ( See Distribution Service in the Other Services section )

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