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Learn How To Produce Music, Experience The Music From A New Perspective!

​​Music learning combines listening, performing and composing activities. RSM developed these activities sequentially to enhance students’ capacity to perceive, understand & produce music. 

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redefine education

I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Musicians/Singers/Students to become Music Producers/Audio Engineers.

Digital Training

Rajman (Music Composer/Audio Engineer), An SAE grad student is here to train fast-growing art of electronic music from home.


Join the community of 300+ students and growing. Welcome to New Age Music Producers' Tribe (NAMPT).

our community

New Age  Music Producers' Tribe

​​With over 300+ students and growing, we are making New-Age Musicians/Producers for the world of New-Age Music.

Views & plays

30+ Lakh








Work shops

14,999 Rs.

  • Studio Setup ( 5 Simple steps to set up Home Studio).

  • Basics Of Audio & Electronics 

  • Analog & Digital Audio Recording

  • Logic  Pro X  Interface

  • Signal Flow

  • Microphones & Recording Techniques

  • 6 Steps of Recording  &  More Info

49,999 Rs.

  • Song Writing

  • Song Structure

  • Arranging

  • Logic Pro X Interface

  • Melody Creation

  • Drum Programming

  • Synth Programming

  • Instrument Layering Editing.

  • Mixing & Mastering

99,999 Rs.

  • ​Artist Branding, Logo Creation

  • Spotify & Apple Artist Verification 

  • Youtube Official Artist Channel

  • Creating Music Video

  • Music Distribution

  • Streaming Your Music

  • Monetize Your Music

Courses List
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Recording & Mixing Vocals/Instruments

How To Mix Vocals & Instruments Like A Pro?

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