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Rajman School Of Music (RSM)

The New Age Music Producers Tribe (NAMPT) is a community of Rajman School Of Music founded by Music Composer /Audio Engineer “ RAJMAN ”  

It is a school (Community) for modern music education that was established during the DIY music revolution during the pandemic. RSM started out as a commercial recording studio and music school in 2012 and, since that time, has grown to become the world's 'Best Online Music Production School’.

RSM has now extended its brand across Music Production and Audio Engineering Courses for Musicians, Singers, Students and Content Creators. 

The aim of RSM is to demonstrate the step-by-step creative process of recording and making music at the highest level.

Students can learn from the music industry's best talent on modern Digital Audio Workstations. Since we started sharing the music industry's secrets, over 200 students worldwide have chosen Rajman School Of Music Schools as the best place to study Music and Music production, Audio engineering, Music business, Singing, and Audio Production for content creation.

Many graduates from RSM are creating their own music and vocal production from their home recording studios.


So, join the RSM school and the NAMPT community and learn the art of Electronic Music/Audio Production.

For Course Information: COURSES

Click here to go to the Courses page.

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Recording & Mixing Vocals/Instruments

How To Mix Vocals & Instruments Like A Pro?

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