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     Level 1 Course (Silver)
Recording & Mixing Vocals/Instruments Blueprint (RMVI)
Rs. 14,999/-

20+ Hours Of Videos
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Bonuses Worth Rs.10,999/- For FREE

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Kind Of Results You Can Expect After
Finishing This Course

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Today's Offer: Enroll RMVI Course for Rs. 14,999/- Only

We Are Giving Bonuses Worth Rs. 10,999/- For FREE If You
Register For The Course

Bonus 1
Setting Up Home Recording Studio Guide
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Vocal Processing Chain Template With Guide
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Master Plugin Template With Guide
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Today's Offer: Enroll RMVI Course for Rs. 14,999/- Only

By now, you must be thinking why I am giving so much value for FREE, as I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Musicians/Singers/Students, Content Creator to become Professional Singer/Music Producers/Composers/Audio Engineers  & Podcasters.


Home Studio Setup 

  • Room Acoustics (Sound Proofing)

  • Laptop, Mac Book, iMac, Mac Mini

  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Logic Pro X

  • Audio Interface

  • Microphone & Pop Filters

  • Studio Monitors & Headphones

  • Audio Cables

  • MIDI Keyboard/ Controller (EMP Students)


Basics Of Sound & Electronics

  • In this module, you will learn the basics of sound, audio & electronics.


Analog & Digital Audio 

  • In this module, you will learn the difference between analog & digital recording.


Signal Flow

  • In this chapter, you will learn about Input & Output and signal flow between computers, audio interfaces & monitors/headphones. 


Microphones & Recording Techniques

  • In this module, you will learn about different types of microphones 

(Vocals & Instruments) and most importantly, you will learn precautions before the recording and different recording techniques.


Installing  Logic Pro X

  • In this module, you will learn how to Install/Set up Logic Pro X on your computer.  


Logic Pro Terminology             

  • You will learn industry-standard terminology in music production & Logic Pro X.


Inputs & Outputs

  • Plugins 

  • Presets 

  • Channel Strips

  • Bus & Aux Tracks

  • MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

  • Automation

  • Bouncing


Logic Interface (101)

  • Instrument Library Window

  • Inspector Window

  • Track Window

  • Arrange Window

  • Loop Window

  • Piano Roll Window

  • Mixing Window 

  • Key Commands:

  • You will learn all the helpful Logic Pro X key commands, making your workflow easy.


5 Main Steps - Recording - Mastering

​1. Recording (Vocals & Instruments)

  • Using recording techniques, you will learn to record your own audio in Logic Pro X.


2. Editing (Clean-Up Audio)

  • In this module, you will learn how to edit and clean up recorded audio (Vocals / Instruments).


3.  Flex Pitch  & Time Correction  (Sur, Taal)

  •  In this module, you will learn how you can correct the pitch & time of your recorded vocals & instruments.

4. Vocal, Instrument Processing & Mixing (With Karaoke Track/ Vocals)

  • In this module, you will learn how you can process recorded vocals & instruments using different Logic Pro X stock presets & plugins, followed by the mixing process of a track.

5. Mastering & Bouncing

  • In this module, you will learn how you can master professional-sounding tracks, and you can merge all tracks by bouncing as one .mp3 Or. Wav.

RMVI Course Requirements

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • A Working Mac or MacBook

  • Logic Pro X Software (90 days Free Trial Available)

  • Essential Music Production Skills are desirable but not necessary. 

  • MIDI Controller (EMP Students)

  • Audio Interface (RMVI Students)

  • Microphone (RMVI Students)   

NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X (90-Day Free Trial Available).

What Is This RMVI Course All About?

  • RMVI course will guide you through the process of recording, editing, mixing & mastering with professional-sounding output.

  • This course will guide you through recording and mixing your vocals with any karaoke track.

  • This course will give you a deep understanding & knowledge of using Logic Pro X.  

  • In this course will learn everything about recording Instruments in Logic Pro X.

  • This RMVI course is boxed with information to help you learn Logic Pro X and help you improve audio production.

  • Logic Pro X is used by professional studios, home studios and even grammy winning artists worldwide, it is an industry-leading DAW.

  • Learning Logic Pro X  in the right direction will improve the quality of your audio production, and it will speed up your workflow.

Who This RMVI Course Is For?

  • Musicians, Smule Singer, Live Performers and those with basic music production skills wish to improve.

  • This course is for anyone who desires to record/produce music with karaoke tracks.

  • This course is for all beginners who aren’t familiar with recording audio or producing music.

  • This course is for everyone who are passionate about music to the experienced musician.

  • This course is for all the singers who want to record professional-sounding vocals.

  • This course is towards voice Coaches/Content Creators and general audio engineers.

  • This course is also for experienced Logic users who want to expand their knowledge.

  • This course is for any band that wants to record lead vocals/Instruments in Logic Pro.

  • You've been writing music, but now you want to learn more about music production & record your music and showcase your talent.

  • This course is for all college students who want to pursue a career in music as a Recorder, Mixer and Master engineer.

Today's Offer: Enroll RMVI Course for Rs. 14,999/- Only

Why Should You Take Up This Course?

  • The RMVI course will explain Step-by-Step essential audio production and recording precisely; even if you are a beginner, you can start recording audio with the help of the RMVI course. 

  • Curriculum design, from foundations to theory and even practicals  are carefully designed to cater to all students. 

  • Produce, edit and mix your music as you progress with LIFETIME ACCESS

  • The entire course is taught by a single experienced Teacher/ Music Composer/Audio Engineer, RAJMAN, who graduated from the School Of Audio Engineering, Australia. 

  • Personal support and access with the instructor who will answer your questions in the Hackathon/Weekly mastermind. (Trimester)

  • Downloadable Resources:

    • All modules are in .PDF guides

    • Samples

    • Checklists

    • Cheat sheets

    • Project files & Templates are all included

  • If you are looking for a course that will guide you to learn, record & produce music in Logic Pro X, then this is the ideal course for you.

  • To access this course, you have only a small one-off payment and no subscription and lifetime access.

  • High-quality information & over 20+ hours of videos, all in one place. No more trawling for particular topics on YouTube for tutorials.

  • Access anywhere, 24/7- LIFETIME, for all material. 

  • Free VIP Facebook community access

  • New Age Music Producers Tribe (NAMPT) Community Access

  • A 7-day 100% refund policy.

Meet Your Coach


(Music Composer/ Audio Engineer)

Founder of Rajman School Of Music (RSM) & New Age Music Producers' Tribe (NAMPT)

This course is designed by best-selling Electronic Music Production Instructor  RAJMAN, who Graduated in Electronic  Music Production & Composition from School Of Audio Engineering, SAE, AUSTRALIA. 

Rajman is an Independent Indian Pop/Rock Music Composer/Audio Engineer,  With more than 30 Lakh views, music streams & more than 50K subscribers & followers to his credit on all platforms, Rajman! was inspired and influenced by the effects of guitars, keys and drums, backed by rich experience and casting his spell over the audience by creating "New Age Music ''.  

In his expanse of experience, he performed and worked with famous stalwarts like Mani Sharma, M.M Kareem, R P Patnaik, Chandra Bose, Bhuvana Chandra, Parthu Nemani, Mallikarjun, Richard Pike, Hack Wanger. and the creator of New Age  Music Produces Tribe and has created world's most popular audio/music production courses - with over 300  performances, 200 students, 100 Clients,20 workshops & 5-star reviews from the students to his credits.

Rajman’s passion for music has no bounds; he will be your guide throughout your journey in music and is always up for new challenges. He is always available and is highly experienced. His school is filled with happy and content

Rajman_TAAI - Edited_edited.png

Today's Offer: Enroll Now For Rs. 14,999/- Only

Don't Just Take Our Word...
See What Others Are Saying About Us

Sandeep K

Quick, efficient, to the point. Solid foundation & information fed fast. Good work! 

EMP - Student

Chetan p

This is an amazing course that provided much-needed clarification on what audio  production is all about. Thank you

EMP - Student

amar a

My questions were clear and concise, really useful information for me to write down before I buy Logic Pro X

RMVI - Student

manjunath p

Very clear and concise, exactly what I was looking for. I also appreciate that I can watch things being done while they're being explained.

RMVI - Student

Career Options

  • Professional Singer

  • Recording Engineer

  • Asst. Recording Engineer

  • Recording Artist

  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer

  • Remixer

  • Session Musician ( Recording)

  • Electronic Musician (EMP Students Only)

  • Electronic Music Producer  (EMP Students Only)

Money Back Gurantee_Image_edited.png


  • Certificate from "Rajman School Of Music" once finish the project in Hackthorn   (RMVI Students)

Check Out Sample Course Certification here.

My Promise To You

At the end of this course, you will make a better Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer & Music Producer, and you will improve your audio production abilities in Logic Pro X. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Logic Pro X and guide you through recording, edit, mix & master a professional sounding track   (Vocal/Instruments).


If you have any questions about the RMVI  or Music Production in general, email us at  and then myself or a member of the "New Age Music Producers’ Tribe" will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Finally, you'll learn the foundations of how to master your vocals.

Go ahead and click the Enroll button & LEARN THE ART OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION.


Today's Offer: Enroll RMVI Course for Rs. 14,999/- Only

  • How can I motivate myself to learn something new after a hard day at work?
    I know as I've been there, my sincere advice is to sit down in front of your home studio setup and forcefully for the first 1-week, start learning 1 module per day (Not More Than That) and follow the step-by-step process of the guides, Logic Pro is so user friendly once you record your FIRST LINE and when you listen to it you are amazed to see the kind of result you will get from this course.
  • How long it will take to learn Logic Pro X?
    If you are a Logic Pro beginner, it will take around 5 hours to record, mix & master a Karaoke Track.
  • Is it easy to record at home with all the noises around?
    Yes, With technology/Plugin available within the Logic Pro X even if your audio recording has noise, you can remove it to a certain extent. Please refer to Vocal Recording Techniques Guide.
  • Will I make money after finishing this Recording & Mixing Vocals/Instruments RMVI Level 1 course?
    No, But only after finishing the Music Producers' Launchpad (Level 3), This RMVI Level 1 course is to put your talent out & to establish yourself as a professional singer.
  • How long will it take to finish the RMVI level 1 (Silver) course?
    To finish the RMVI level 1 course, it will take around 1 months if you are learning theory and doing practicals at the same for around 1 hours a day.
  • Do I need to play/learn any musical instrument to learn this RMVI Level 1 course?
    Not required, But if you are already singing on the stage, I assume you have basic knowledge about Sur & Taal (Pitch & Tempo).
  • Do I need to have Music theory knowledge to learn these courses?
    Not required, But if you are already singing on the stage, I assume you have basic knowledge about Sur & Taal (Pitch & Tempo)
  • How hard is it to get into the music industry after finishing these courses?
    It depends on how the quality of your recording & singing, but I'm sure if you finish Music Producers' Launchpad ( Level 3) course & your songs will be monetised, and you will start earning money.
  • How do I set up a home recording studio?
    Just follow Module 1 'How to set up your recording studio', it is very easy to set up your home studio if you follow the network diagram.
  • How much does it cost to set up a decent home recording studio?
    Honestly, You can set up a home recording studio for under A$500, which will give you professional sound vocals & music production.
  • How long does it take to LOGIC Pro X Digital Audio Work Station (DAW)?
    For beginners level, it will take around at least 25 hours to learn.
  • How to record professional-sounding vocals at home?
    Just follow our set-by-step modules, and by the end of this course, you will be amazed to see the quality of your home recording and the quality of your Voice. Listen to the RSM students' audio recordings above, which are recorded from home.
  • How can I record my cover song?
    Follow the step-by-step guide to import a Karaoke Song in Logic Pro X
  • How can I pitch correct my vocals?
    Follow the step-by-step guide on How to correct Pitch & Time (Sur & Taal) in Logic Pro X
  • What is the best microphone to record vocals?
    Honestly, this is a big question to answer, but our module "Microphones" will guide you to buy the best & budget microphone, which will give you professional-sounding vocal production.
  • How to correct a wrong note in DAW?
    Follow the Module ‘How to correct pitch in Logic Pro X’.
  • Is a USB microphone best for recording vocals?
    Yes, but low-end USB microphones are for voice only, some other best USB microphones are listed in the ‘Microphones’ Module.

Frequently Asked Questions

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