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Dolby Atmos Mixing & Mastering Price: Rs/- 19,999

Product Details

The Dolby Atmos Mix & Master package provides everything you need to distribute your songs in an immersive format. It includes everything advance mix and the mastering using Analog/Digital Gears and the best Industry advance plugins.

Dolby Atmos goes beyond the ordinary listening experience and puts you inside the song in a new spatial way, revealing every detail of the music with unparalleled clarity and depth. Immersive 3D sound technology is now invading the music industry. Apple Music listenerwill get a  chance to listen songs mixed in Dolby Atmos.


Below Are A Few Of The Steps Taken During The Mixing And Mastering Process:

-  Track Cleanup

-  Advanced EQ

-  Compression (ALL)

-  Vocal Editing  (Crossfades)

-  Noise Gating

-  Reverb

-  Delay

-  De-Essing

-  Advanced Mixing Techniques.

-  Balancing/Paning of each individual track’s volume

-  Ambience

-  Spatial Placement of Instruments

-  Master Bus Automation

-  Stereo Widening

-  Bass Enhancement

-  Maximization

-  Dynamic Expansion

-  Noise Reduction

-  Limiting

-  Stereo Widening

-  Bass Enhancement

-  Loudness Maximization

-  Dynamic Expansion

-  50 Stem Limit ($2 for each additional Stem)

-  Industry Advance Mastering

-  High Quality Stereo WAV File Export

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NOTE: $2 For Each Additional Stem.

Package Includes: 3 FREE Revisions ($15 per revision after).

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